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参加MMT赛事赢取超级兑换券。你可以在IFC票券兑换功能中使用超级票券兑换实物奖励 Straddle is an optional and voluntary blind bet made by a player after the posting of the small and big blinds, but before cards are dealt.
盲抓是位于小盲和大盲后位的那名玩家可选且自愿的动作,但是仅限于发牌前。 Multi-tabling poker is more fun and if you are skilled then you can also increase profits over time.
多桌同时在线扑克的乐趣在于如果你是一个老手,你就可以随着时间赚取更多的利润 See who's playing in the table before you seated. You can check others performance levels.
落座前浏览同桌玩家,你可以查看其他玩家的水平 Poker table statistics help you to find your perfect table. (Avg Pot: The average total bets in a game at the table. Flop: The relation between the number of players at a table and the ones who see the flop. Hands/ Hr: How many hands are played per hour.) 牌桌统计可以帮你找到最适合的桌子(平均底池:平均每局游戏底池中计分牌总数。翻牌率:桌上玩家数量和看见翻牌的人数的比例。平均局数:每小时发多少局手牌)