In- game Tutorial

Poker Tutorial

1. Basic Rules

Every player is dealt two cards face down. These two cards are called your 'hole card'. There is a round of betting before the community cards have been dealt to determine if they would play or not. This stage is known as the pre-flop. Players have three options- check, bet, or fold. After the pre-flop betting is finished, three community cards will be dealth face up in the center of the table. This stage is called the Flop.

Once the three cards have been shown, another round of betting will begin. Once this is over, a fourth community card will be dealt in the center of the table. This stage is called the Turn. After another round of betting is finished, the fifth and final community card is placed on the table. This is called the River.

There is one last round of betting after the River card is shown. Players must bet according to the best hand they have in their hand in combination with the community cards. Players may only use up to 5 cards to make a hand. Players cannot have two combinations of hands (such as a Straight and Flush) to bet with. Only the highest value combination will be used to determine the winner. The best five-card hand wins.

However, many people often try to outbet the other players to scare them out, or get them to fold before the "showdown", or the point where everyone reveals their final hands. If one folds before the showdown, their hand will not be shown to the table. If all but one player folds before the showdown, the winning player's hand will not be shown to the table either. Only when there are two or more players at a showdown will the cards be shown and the winner will be determined by the best hand.

2. Poker Hand Rankings

VIP Rewards FAQ

Q: What is VIP Rewards?

A: VIP Rewards is a level system for users to earn bonuses and more chips. You earn VIP points by purchasing chips and levelling up. The more VIP points you have, the higher your level is. And with each higher level, the more free chips you get in each Daily Spin, Bonus Chips, and Free Chips offer. Also, each time you buy chips, the number of extra chips with each purchase also increases!

Q: How do I become a VIP Rewards member?

A: Every player is a VIP Rewards member! New players start out at the lowest level, Bronze. And with each purchase, your tier goes up.

Q: How does VIP Rewards benefit me?

A: VIP Rewards help you earn points towards the next level. With each level, you are given a multiplier that increases with each level. This multiplier is applied to things, such as your daily spin bonus, and when you purchase more chips. This means more chips, more fun, and more wins!

Q: How do I get them?

A: You can earn VIP Rewards by purchasing chips. Click on the "Get Chips" button at any time to purchase them. You can also earn VIP Rewards points by levelling up in the game. Please see the "Get Chips" screen for more information.

Q: How do I increase my tier?

A: Your tier goes up when you have earned enough VIP Reward points for that level. You can check the amount of points you have and need for the next level in your profile. Sometimes, when you purchase chips, you will see a highlighted option that will tell you that buying that option guarantees you access to the next tier.